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it iz psycologically proved that all the fools & stupids, donkeys,monkeys,use thier thumb to read messages. dont change your finger now its to late !
Roses r red but violets r blue...monkey like u should be kept in the zoo...dont get angry ull find me there too...not with u but laughing at u...
Hum dua karte hain khuda se, Ki wo aap jaisa dost aur na banaye, Ek CARTOON jaisi cheez hai humare paas, Kahin wo bhi common na ho jaye
Teacher to student:- A=B,B=C so A=C. Now tell me an other example just like that... Student:- I Love U,U love ur daughter, So I Love ur daughter...
twinkle twinkle little star...u should know what u r...and once u know what u r...mental hospital is not so far...
Zara-Zara kar ke teri yadoon ka mahal banate hain.... Illegal construction keh ke saale Nagar Nigam wale tod jaate hain....
dil ke armaan aanso won mein behegaye unke bacche hum ko maamu kehegaye
Mere jaise ladke ko kya chahiye? 1 Ladki jo pyar de. 1 Ladki jo achha khana banaye. 1 Ladki jo paisa kamaye. Aur aisa nasib ke tino ladkiyan ek dusre se mil na paaye.
What is a kiss? In view of geomatry: Kiss, is the shortest distance between 2 lips. In the view of economics: Kiss is that thing, which always has higher demand than supply
Arz kiya hai!!!...Itne kamjor hue teri judai se...Gaur farmaiye...Itne kamjor hue teri judai se... Ki chinti bhi ab kheech le jaati hai charpai se....
Dil Logi ke jaan logi......................dil logi ke jaan logi......meri jaan set hone me kitna time logi.........
Kya hua jo usne racha lee mehandi, Hum bhi ab SEHRA sajayenge, Mujhe pata tha ki vo apne nasib me nahi, Ab uski choti behan ko fasayenge.
kya Bat hai, Jab Dekho tab Pregnant Hi Rahate Ho Yaar, Jab Bhi Message karta Hu, Tumhare Delivery Report Aa Jati Hai, .................
In life every turn is uncertain,In the sea every wave is a danger... In a garden every flower is a beauty,And in this world every person like u is a treasure....
dil mein basi hai yaad teri, aankhon mein basi hai tasweer teri , jab bhi aati hai yaad teri , dekh lete hai TOM and JERRY
If you need advice, text me... If you need a friend, call me... If you need me, come to me... If you need money... ........... THE SUBSCRIBER CANNOT BE REACHED!
Ill ask a que U should answer only by saying yes or no.Here is the que... Do ur parents know that u r a mental patient???
Badi der se jinki zulfon pe nazren jamaye baithe the paas jakar dekha to sardarji nahaye baithe the.
Kaaash ke tere chehre par Chickenpox ke daag hote..... Kaaash ke tere chehre par chickenpox ke daag hote..... Chand to tu hai hi ..sitaare bhee saaath hote
Haathi nay kaha jakar Hathni ki qabar par, Sadqay jaoon tumhari Patli Kamar par.
Door se dekha to kuchh dikha nahi... Dooor se dekhaaa... to kuchh dikha nahi... Paas jake dekhaa to kuchh tha hi nahi
Ladki boli: Chandni chaand se hoti hai, sitaron se nahi, Mohabbat ek se hoti hai, hazaaron se nahi. Ladka bola : Chandni agar chaand se hogi to sitaron ka kya hoga, Mohabbat agar ek se hogi to hazaron ka kya hoga.
Sincere Apology: If u dont like ny of my SMS or dont like 2 read or if my msgs disturb u,then plz dont hesitate,feel free 2 Throw Ur Mobile!!
Khud ko kar buland itnaa.. Ke Himaalay ki choti pe jaa pahunche.. aur khuda tumse puche.. Abe gadhe... ab utrega kaise
Dream makes al things possible, Hope makes al things work, luv makes al thigs beutifl, smile makes al d abv so always BRUSH UR TEETH...!
Boy: what will u give me as reward if i climb Mt.Everest? Girl: A push.
In candle light dinner three sweet words for u....PAY THE BILL
Luk at the world as 1 big chocolate cake. It would never b complete without few sweets n nuts. Sweet like ME & nut like U
Girls Psychology !!! Fraud with Innocent Boys Fun with Handsome Boys Friendship with Charming Boys Contact with Intelligent Boys Flirt with Freaky Boys Love with Faithful Boys & in the end Marriage with the Rich Boy Moral of the story : Chandramukhi ho yaa Paaro, Sab Ek jaisi hai Yaaro
Suna hai ki aapki ek muskaan pe log marte hai. So please keep smiling to reduce population.
EK sher BY doctor=Hoon mai doctor jahan,meri wife hai nurse waha,Yeh kaisa julm sehna PADTA hai,mujhe apni wife ko SISTER KEHNA PADTA hai..
why do monkeys love banana.... - oops i am so sorry ........ - thats your personal matter!
S SH SHA SHAR SHARM SHARM K SHARM KA SHARM KAR SHARM KARO !! SHARM KARO!! Kanjuso.1 msg to send kar dya karo sare din me
I read in d newsppr dat sendin msgs 2 frnds causes radiation dat cause cancer. So,aaj se band! I hv decided 2 stop. . . .> reading newspaper Yaar?
shaadi karne k bad aur mobile lene k bad ek hi baat ka afsos hota hai ................................................................Thodi der ruk jaata to accha model mil jaata
I have a confession 2 make,Ever since i have known U its kinda hard for me to 4getU.Every time u appear in my Dreamz,nI find myself shouting BHOOT BHOOT !!!
YOU are very cute becos in my dictionary Cute means... C - Causing U - Un-necessary T - Trouble E - Everywhere
I mixed RUM in water and got drunk. I mixed BRANDY in water and got drunk. I mixed WHISKY in water and got drunk again. Now I have decided never to drink water again !!!
Newtons law of Romance:- LOVE CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR BE DESTROYED, IT CAN ONLY BE CHANGED FROM ONE GIRL FRIEND TO ANOTHER... If you need a friend, call me... If you need me, come to me... If you need money..... The SUBSCRIBER CANNOT BE REACHED!
When words fail, Eyes work. When eyes fail, heart works. When Heart fails... To kya? Samajh le Tapak gaya!
Earth may stop Rotating, Birds may stop Flying, Candles may stop Melting, Fishes may stop Swimming, Heart may stop Beating, But your Brain will never start working!
Jo sagar ne kaha lehron se, Jo ped ne kaha patto se, jo phoolon ne kaha kaliyon se, wohi main tumhe kehta hun, aey chal chal hawa aane de U r very special 4 me... U should b safe always... U should b safe my dear... I cant b wid u all time.... so pls b careful wenever u jump from tree 2 tree...
U R 100% beautiful, U R 100% lovely, U R 100% sweet, U R 100% nice, and U R 100% stupid to believe these words... It takes thousand workers 2 build a castle, Million soldiers 2 protect a Country, BUT just ONE man 2 make a Happy HOME! Lets thaNks to Our Ramu.
Press down again again.. please once more sorry again 6 times more Oh! Again 1 Time again don't u have any job? ... Good Time Bad Time Day Time Work Time Off Time Night Time Happy Time Sad Time Sleep Time KISI BHI Time APUN ka SMS aa sakta hai...
Dosti ka safar lamba hua to kya hua, thoda tum chalo,thoda hum chalenge, fir............................... rickshaw Kar lenge.
Punam ki rat me chand badal jata hai, Waqt ke sath insan badal jata hai, Sochte hai ki apko tang na kare, Magar sochte sochte plan badal jata hai..!

Our friendship has come a long way. When u laugh, i laughed.When u cry, i cried & when u jump down the window,i will go to the window. Look down & laugh again....... ha ha ha
Dont sent any messages, i dontwant 2 see u, 2 hear ur voice, 2 think of u, coz my doctor advised me 2 keep away 4m SWEETS
jah dosti vaha pyar, jaha pyar vaha ishq, jaha ishq, vaha mohabbat, jaha mohabbat vaha judai, jaha judai vaha dard, jaha dard vaha MOOV laga lena.
We will now upgrade your brain, please wait....Searching....searching...still searching....sorry,NO BRAIN found...!
Are O SAMBHA, Mere Kitne SMS mile? Bahut sare, Aur tumne kitne Bheje? Ek Bhi Nahi! Haak thu Dhikkar hai. Ab tak bahut SMS khaye Ab Goli kha DiCHOUN.
Laadein has needs 500 dogs to attack on USA 499 are reached message milta he chale aana
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowls empty and so is your head.
one day a judge ask the thief in the court are you not a shame to come to the court al most eery month the theif said you should be shamed sir you come here everyday
One day a man caught a pickpocket redhaned and ask the pickpockter, are you not a shame to pick my pocket , The pickpockter said you should be shamed is you dont have even a rupee in your pocket.
ek naagin ne naag ka kiss liya to naag ne sharma kar kaha,JAHER HAI KI PYAR HAI TERA CHUMMA
A Mother makes her son Intelligent in 20 years, but a Girl makes him Stupid in 2 minutes.
2 live a life v need brains,reflexes,luck,iq,knowledge,expression,perception,n mental qualification.....hats off to u,for managing without them!!!
palkon pe apni bitaya hai tumhe,badi duao ke baad paaya hai tumhe,aasani se nahi mile ho tum National zuological Park se churaya hai tumhe!!
Dil cheez hai kya jana, yeh jaan bhi tumhari hai, jaan le mat lena, kyonki abhi meri biwi kunwari hai.
ur SMILE can be compared to a FLOWER,ur VOICE to a CUCKOO,ur INNOCENCE to a CHILD.but in STUPIDITY u hv no COMPARISION u r the best!!!!!!
Raman or chaman railway platform per train pakarne ke liye kara tha ki announs huwa rajdhani exp platfrom no one per aa rahi hai raman jatpat se railway patri par aa gaya chaman ne pucha bhai upar aa ja nahi to mare jaoge to raman bola tune suna nahi train platform per aa rahi hai.
Imraan Hashmi Ne Apni Girlfriend Ko Pehle Apna AASHIQ BANAYA Phir Usne CHOCOLATE Main ZEHER Milakar Uska MURDER Karvaya.Girlfriend Ne UskeAKSARKhwaab Me Aakar Kaha TUM SA NAHI DEKHA To Imraan Hashmi Ne Kaha Is KALYUG Me JAWANI DIWANI Hai.
Prayer of Bachelors: Radhe Radhe... Kudi Fasade! Hare Murari... Howe Kunwari! jai Hanuman Di... Howe Mere Haan Di! Wahe Guru Ji Da Khalsa... Mukhda Howe Chaand Sa!!!
Woman: I need to buy poison. Chemist: I cant sell u that. The woman then shows her husbands photo. Chemist: Oh sorry! I didnt know you had a prescription!
gul gaye gul ke patte reh gaye , saare shayer mar gaye tum ullu ke pathe reh gaye.
kabhi kehte the dost hamare ke jaan bhi maango to hazir hai, Aaj apni bivi ko jaan kehte hai , aur maango to inkaar karte hain
Roses are red, violets are blue Monkeys like you, are kept in Zoo
Sardar ke peeche Kutta pada, Woh pareshaan hoke sochne laga, Sala!! Card tho Airtel ka dalwaya tha, tho phir Network Hutch ka kyun aa raha hai!!??
what is wrong with your cell every time i call a voice comes the subscriber u have dialed is a monkey plz contact zoo for details...
Hey friend remember that without stupidity there can be no wisdom & without ugliness there can be no beauty so the world needs YOU after all!
Someday u may lose ur hair. u may lose ur teeth- ur money & even lose ur mind. But 1 thing u will never loose is ur good looks. coz u cant lose wot u dont have!
chand par kali gatah chati toh, hogi sitaro ko muskurahat ati toh hogi, tum lakh chupao mere yaar, tumhe bhi akele mein apni sakhal par hasi ati toh hogi.
When i was child all girls want to hug me, i allowed them, but now i want to hug all girls, but they are not allowin. Selfish girls
I am getting married mext week. there wil be a small party and only few people will be invited. dontbring any gift just bring someone to marry me !!!!!!!!!!
Jindagi me agar koi bada kam karnaho to Hathi pe chad jao, shirshasan karo, apni ek tasvir khichwao aur duniya ko woh tasvir ulti karke dikhao then u r great --Hemantkumar
A guy phones up his Boss, but gets the bosses wife instead: Im afraid he died last week. she explains. The next day the man calls again and asks for the boss. I told you the wife replies, he died last week. The next day he calls again and once more asks to speak to his boss. By this time the wife is getting upset and shouts: IVE ALREADY TOLD YOU TWICE, MY HUSBAND, YOUR BOSS, DIED LAST WEEK! WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING? Coz . . . he replied laughing, I just love hearing it. . . .
wat did computer think wen u sit front of it?he think that:INTEL INSIDE,IDIOT OUTSIDE.
Pehla Pagal : Ager tum batao kay is Box mein kia hai tu ye anday tumhara aur ager tum ye bata du kay ye kitnay anday hain tu 5 kay 5 tumharay aur ager tum ye bata dogay ye kis kay anday hain tu wo morgi bhi tumhari. Dosra Pagal : Yaar koi hint tu du.
SURD: Excuse me sir, what time is it? MAN: Its 3:15. SURD: (puzzled look on his face) You know, its the weirdest thing, I have been asking that question all day, and each time I get a different answer.
JOKE - Teen Dost the Kallu, Billu aur Ulloo Kallu 7 th mein padh raha hai. Billu 5th mein padh raha hai aur Ulloo SMS padh raha hai.
Naari ke chakkar mein bhool na jaana yaari,Jab laat maaregi naari to yaad aayegi hamari... Purush bachao samiti ki taraf se Janhit mein jaari....
Girlfriends are just like a ghadi detuergent pehele istmal karo phir biswass karo
tum meri zindagi me aaye kuch is tarah tum meri zindagi me aaye kuch is tarah jaise lehrate hue kheto me pagal saand aa gaya ho.
Us ne mere dil me jagah banali,Maine bhi uski tasvir apne dil me sajali.... Woh mujhse aise hi ruth gaye,Phir maine bhi uski dusri behan fasaali....
what a chicken will say when its been coocked with green chilli- hum pe kisine hara rang dala.......maar dala.......maar dala
Santa went to ATM. Banta told i saw ur password. Banta : It is **** Santa : Ha.Ha. ur wrong it is 6578. Bolo Tara rara.....
khushbu phool dete hai, naam chaman ka hota hai. line ladkiyan marti hai , naam ladko ka kharab hota hai
share sunata hoo... jara goor say soniya mujhe sher nahee aata kisi aur say soniya
Wife: Honey what ru looking4? Husband: Nothing;
Wife: Nothing? u've been reading our marriage certificate 4an hour? Husband: I was just looking 4d expiry date!

If engineers start making films, the names will be: current ho na ho, jaanam supplykaro, aa ab B.Tech karen, Kabhi A.C. Kabhi D.C, Hamari IC apke pas hai, fuse lagaya to darna kya, engineer no.1, engineering koi khel nahi, input wale output le jayenge, Maine engineering kyu kiya..!!
msg:Internet te kudi fasaeeeee, internet te ho gaye sagaayee, internet te divorse ho gaya, isi bahane COMPUTER ka course ho gaya... When i was sad you were there. When i was crying you were there. When i was unhappy you were there. Now i have understood ji sare fasad ki jad tu hai..
AFTER FINISHING MBBS, Dr Munna start his practice. He checked 1st patient eyes. tongue & ears by torch and Finally Said BOLE TO TORCH BILKUL THEEK HAY HAAN
ek aishwaarya thi deewani si shahrukh pe wo marti thi, najre jhukake,sharma ke hritik ki galiyo se gujarti thi, chori chori salman ko chittiya likha karti thi kuch kahena tha shayad ajay se par na jane kis se darti thi jab bhi milti thi vivek se hamesha pucha karti thi imran kaisa hai
Basanti: Bhaag Dhanno bhag, aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawal hai. Dhanno: Tujhe apni padi hai. Meri soch jiske peeche Gabbar ke 10 ghode pade hain
jab kuda ne tumhai banaya ho ga, ek saror sa us ka dil pe chaya hoga. pahle socha hoga jannat main rakhoon. phir us ko ZOO ka khayal aaya hoga...
Aur bhi cheezain bahut see lut chuki hain dil ke saath Ye bataya dooston ne ishq furmane ke baad; Is liye kamre ki ek ek cheez check karta hoon main Ek tere aane se pehle, ek tere jaane ke baad
LADKA-Tute hue Dil se pyar karogi,Ya Dil tutne tak pyar karogi... LADKI-Tuti hui chappal se maar khayega,ya chappal tutne tak maar khayega...
Jab hota hai tera didar,Dil dhadkta hai baar-baar Jab hota hai tera didar,Dil dhadkta hai baar-baar .....Aadat se majboor ho tum jane kab maang lo udhaar
dil dena kisi ek ko woh bhi kisi nek ko yeh dil koi eid ka shirkhurma nahi ki bato har ek ko
wat do I do wen ic some1 extremely Gorgouz, Attractive,Terrific, Cute...I Stare,I smile n when I get tired..I put down da mirror!
Susti bhare jism ko jagate kyo nahi, uth kar sabke saamne aate kyo nahi, msg bhi tumhara smell marta hai, thodi himmat karke NAHATE kyo nahi...
Ram ne Dhanush Toda, Sita Daud Ke Aayi. Kishan Ne Bansuri Bajayi, Aur Radha Bhag ke chali Aayi. Aur Humne sirf Siti Mari, Sali Baap ko Le Aayi.
tumko dekha too.... tumkodekha to...... tumkodekha to yeh khayal aya .....pagaloon ki stock main naya maal aya ..!!!!!!!
makan malik: 500 rupaye mahine ka kiraya hoga! kirayedar:thik hai; par apke makan me bahut chuhe daud rahe hai... Makan malik: to 500 rupaye me kya bipasha basu nachegi?
Gulaab ko bhi Kamal bana deter,Uski ek ada pe kai gazal bana dete...Kambhakt marti nahi mujh par ladkiyaan,Warna LUCKNOW me bhi TAJMAHAL bana dete...
interviewer: where r u born Sardarji: punjab Interviewer : which part? Sardarji : kya which part whole body was born in punjab
Prem to humein bhi karna tha par baat khas hui nahi, Taj Mahal to humein bhi banana tha par kambakth loan pass hui nahi.
Tumhe Dekh Kar Aisa Lagta Hai Ki Aadmi Pahle Bandar Tha! Dekho Gussa mat Hona Warana Aisa Lagta Hai Ki Aadmi Aaj Bhi Bandar hai!
terrorists have kidnapped our lecturers... and demanded aransom of 500000 rs or else they will burn them with kerosene... plz donate. i have donated 15 litres. Aaj kuch gahbraye se lagte ho,Thand mein kampkapaye se lagte ho... Nikhar kar aayi hai surat aapki,Bahut dino baad nahaye se lagte ho...Good Morning...
Ai mere kadardan, Dost meri Jaan, Tum hamesha rahoge hattekhatte nawjawan kyounki.... Khuda meherbaan to Gadha PAHELWAAN.....
U r a GENIUS.... Ur Brain is a MASTER PIECE. It is Devided in two parts... LEFT & RIGHT In the LEFT nothing is RIGHT... & In the RIGHT nothing is LEFT.
Ai mere kadardan, Dost meri Jaan, Tum hamesha rahoge hattekhatte nawjawan kyounki.... Khuda meherbaan to Gadha PAHELWAAN.....
khidakise dekha raste pe koi nahi tha, khidakise dekha raste pe koi nahi tha, raste pe jakar dekha to khidki pe koi nahi tha
Harbhajan to his wife : Darling ! kya main tera pahila pyar hoo ? Wife : Kardina sardar wali baat .Spinner ko kabhi opening milti hai kya?
Thought 4 de day: ven ever i find d key 2 Success, Some1 changes d Lock...!!!
sushati bhare jism ko jagate kyoun nahi,uth kar asbke samne aate kyoun nahi,message bhi tumhara smell marata he,thodi himmat karke nahate kyoun nahi
Girlfriend Ko I LUV U Bolna Hai? Balance Khatam ? Ab Kya Karoge ? Kabutar K Gale Mein Bandh K CHITTHI Bhejoge ? Nahi Na.......... Main Batata Hoon Kya Karna Hai.... Girlfriend Ka Number Mujhe De Doge Main I LUV U Boldeta Hoon!
tumhari aankhon mein ye kya sama hai tumhari aankhon mein ye kya sama hai kya tikh se dhoya nahi kitna kichad jama hai
(From:sona - jodhpur)
husn walon me mohabbat ki kami hoti hai,, Aur chahne walon ki taqdir buri hoti hai,, Yehi to hasinon ki aadat buri hai,, Mohabbat hai dil main baghal me churi hai
When i open my eyes every morning i pray to God that everyone should have a friend like you.... Why should only i suffer!!! Shaam hote hii ye Dil udaas hota hai Toote khwaboo ke siwa kuch na pass hota hai Tumahri yaad aise waqt bohat aati hai Bandar jab koi aas-paas hota hai..  
kabhi hosla bhi azmana chahiye, bure waqt me muskurana bhi chahiye, chahe kitni bhoi thand pade hafte me ek baar to nahana chahiye
wo pade kya jise me dali na ho nwo bag kya jise me mali na ho wo ghar kya jise me ghar wali na ho aur wo mard kya jiseki bahar wali naho
hamari tumahari dosti duniya ke liye ek mishl hai tumhe dekha to esa laga kya mal hai is mal ko pane ke liye bichaya jal hai pa kambhakat collage ka akhiri sal hai
Pyaar karo to Ek se Karo, Ho sake to kisis nek se karo, Jab tak na mile Saccha Dildar, Kam se KAm Try to har Ek par Karo...!
jo ek baar tu haan karde, main char paanch aur patadoonge, tum ko main pehli kahoon aur sab ko kahoon aaqri.
Woh gori Hai uski zulf hai kaali,Woh Pari hai ya Pariyon ki rani.... Uski Har baat hai nirali,Par kya kare yaar woh Ladki kisi aur ne pata li....
Ishara to madad ka kar raha tha doobne wala.... Magar yara sahil ne usse Salaam-e-Alwida samjha....
Haath mein takat hai to Tajmahal ko hila kar dekh... Warna..Aa baith ke do peg whiskey maar aur Tajmahal ko hilta hua dekh...
Kabhi honsla bhi aazma lena chahiye,Bure waqt mein muskara lena chahiye... Jab 7 din mein bhi khujli na mite to 8ve din naha lena chahiye...
Na o inkar karti hai na o ikrar karti hai,kambakt mere hi sapno me aake mere dost se pyr karti hai
I l I lo I lov I love I love you... I love you the most. I love you the best. I love you a lot.. Bcoz MENAKA GANDHI said People should LOVE animals
wah re gandhi kaise chali teri andhi ,wah re gandhi kaise chali teri andhi aaya tha longot main pahoonch gay paanch soo ki note main.
Be Pana Pyar Hai Aja Tera Intezar Hai Ajaa !! Arey Arey .. ... ... Ye Mein Nahi Keh Raha !! ... ... Balke ZOO Se Monkey Ki Faryad Hai .. HaHaHa
Batoun mein jiski rawani nahi hai, Usay kabhi Jillat uthani nahi hai, Yeh chehray par jo tu dekhta hai, Woh powder hai nada Jawani nahi hai.
apki yaad mein yeh dil tadapta raha ,apki ek jhalak ko yeh dil machalta raha, pheche mudkar dekha toh ALLOUT chalu tha..
Unlike others ur brain is a masterpiece In d left half nothinis rite N in D rite half nothin is left Ek Aadmi ne apni wife ko khat likha Is mahine salary ki bajaye 100 ksii bhej raha hu, Wife ne Jawab diya apke salary ki bajaye 100 kiss mile: Hisab bhej rahi hu, Doodh wala 2 kiss me maan gaya,Teacher ko 7 deni padi, Sabjiwala 7 me nahi mana isliye 9 deni padi, Makan malik to roj 6-7 le jata hai. Aap chinta mat karna mere pass abhi bhi 30 - 40 bachihai, mahina aaram se kat jayega.
Bazu-o-mein dum rakhta hoon, Dil mein gum rakhta hoon, pata tha aapka SMS aayega, Is liye DISPRIN sang rakhta hoon
College ki galion mein ajjeb khel hota hai, Class ke bahane dilo ka khel hota hai, Nitis ki jagah luvmail hoat hai, Isliye to Pappu har saal fail hota hai.....
One day Santas Girlfriend asks him, Darling, om our Engagement will you give me a RING?Santa:Ya sure, Give me ur Telephone No.
Hum Baar Baar Tere Dar pe Aayenge... Hum Baar Baar Tere Dar Pe AAyenge ... Ghanti Bajaynge aur Bhaag Jaayenge
Teri yaad mein main raat bhar peeta rahaa....fefde phat kar bahar aagye...main din bhar seeta rahaa
Humne bhi pyar kiya tha jindgi main, badi joshh ke sath ! Humne bhi pyar kiya tha jindgi main, badi shhor ke sath ! Aab hum pyar karenge badi soch ke sath ! Kyon ki usey kal shamko dekha kisi aur ke sath !
Rokdo mere janaze ko mujhme jaan aagaihai, piche mudke dekho saalo daruki dukaan aagai hai
Andheri sadak, sunsan kabristan, sooni haveli, kala asmaan, rat hogai soja shaitan..
Tum door sahi majboor sahi, par yaad tumhari aati hai, Jab saans wahan par leti ho toh badboo yahaan par aati hai.
teri julf hai ya raat ka andhera,teri julf hai ya raat ka andhera,ho ja GANJI kar de sawera
Dream makes al things possible, Hope makes al things work, loves makes al things beautiful, smile makes all the above so always BRUSH UR TEETH...!
A Sardar learning english introduces his family at a party. Hi I am a Sardar. This is my sardarni . He is my Kid and she is my Kidney.
Ladkiyon ke college me strike thi,Ladke bhi unke saath the..Ladkiyon ne naara lagaya...HUMARI MAANGE Pichhe se awaaz aayi SINDHUR SE BHARO....
Mein Tumhare Liye Sab Kuch Karta..Magar Mujhe Kaam Tha...... Mein Tumhare Liye Doob Ke Marta...Magar Mujhe Zukham Tha !
Khyaal ko kisi ahat ki aas rehti hai,Nigaah ko kisi surat ki talaash rehti hai...Tere bina koi kami to nahi ae dost,Bas galiwali Jamadarni udas rehti hai....
Pyar Means- P-Phone Karna Y-Yaad Karna A-Azadi Khona R-Rote rehna ki phone kab ayega..
Chaand ko gurur hai ki uske paas noor hai.To kya mujhe bhi gurur hai ki mere paas bhi SMS padhnewala langoor hai...hi!hi!hi!....
Chaand raaat ko sabhi dekhain, hilaal-e-eid ko Ik hamara hi naseeba hadiyan turva gaay Hum the chaand ke nazaare main khoye hue Bus achanak chand ka abba wahan pe aa gaya..............
Aap kya jano hum kitna yad karthe hei. maano ya na mano har pal fariyaad karthe hei. roj kat likte hei cartoon network ko aap hi ko dikane ki maang karte hei
wafa tumme hai, to bewafa hum bhi nahi haya tumme hai, to behaya hum bhi nahi pyar ke aakhri mod par aakar kehte ho ki hum shaadi-shuda hai, par jaate-jaate sunte jao ke kuware hum bhi nahin.............
Sardar jee visit his chinese friend dying in hospital. the chinese friend just saidchin yu yan and dies. Sardar jee went china to fine the meaningof friends last words. U kanow wht it was????? U R STANDING ON MY OXYGEN TUBE
Star + Moon = romanticNight Bird + Sky = Luvly Day Forest + Animal = Refreshing U + Ur Smile = BHAAGO BHUT AAYA
Durakht ke paymane pe chilman E husn ka furkat se sharmana... Durakht ke paymane pe chilman E husn ka furkat se sharmana... Ye line samajh me aaye to mujhe zaroor batana
Gunghat Mein Tujhe Dekha To Deewanna Hua, Sangeet Ka Taraana Hua, Shamaa Ka Parwana Hua, Masti Ka mastaana Hua, Jaise Hi Gunghat Uthaya Is Duniya Se Ravana Hua
Meri yehi dua hai aap kay liye ki aap hamesha hanstay raho,Muskratay,Khilkhilatay raho....Mujhe kya log tumhein Pagal kahen gay...
Dil k dard ko zuba par laate nahi, hum apni aankhon se ansu bahate nahi, Zakhm chahe kitne hi gahre kyo na ho, ?? hum DETTOL k siva kuch laagate nahi.
Recent News Headlines : Softdrinks Contain Dangerous Pestcides. Insan to newspaper padh sakte hain par janwaro ka kya hoga kyonki.... Aaj kal CHEETAH BHI PEETA HAI !
Suraj se achha Tara koi nahi, Jaisa hai Rishta humaraa dusraa koi nahi! Chahe saari duniyaa me dhund lo; Mere jaisa Pyaraa, aur Tere jaisa Aawaraa aur koi nahi!!
Mein Tumhare Liye Sab Kuch Karta..Magar Mujhe Kaam Tha...... Mein Tumhare Liye Doob Ke Marta...Magar Mujhe Zukham Tha !
tuhaar chehraa moti samaan .. tuhaar chehraa moti samaan... moti hamaar kutte ka naam!!
A magic-om gilli gilli chu mantar kali kalantar abra ka dabra.. Noticed any change in u? No! tantrik theek kehta tha.Bandar par ye jadu nahin hota...?
mein ne use chaha had se jyada usne mujhe bandha rakhi ka dhaga
Itne kamjor ho gaye teri judai se,Itne kamjor ho gaye teri judai se.... Ki saala ek din macchar hi utha le gaya charpai se.....
Mistakes are not crime,If u can rectify those mistakes they are the key to success...For example GOD created U so what?Then he created Me....
If ever un ur life u feel sad and lonely and feel that u have lost everything,Ill come hold ur hand take u for a walk on a bridge and show u where to jump from.... When i fall i need ur hand 2 hold me, when i win i need ur hand 2 pat me, when i lose i need ur hand 2 console me, In short.... YE HAATH MUJHE DE DE, THAKUR!
Winter comes again n again, Summer comes again n again, But the person like you will not come again, Because GOD never makes the same mistake again n again....
Aapki smile ne sara jahan hila diya,Aapki smile na sara jahan hila diya...Coma sa jage mariz ko dara ko phir se sula diya....
Kitne haseen hai aap,khud ko duniya ki nazar se bachaya karo.... Aankhon mein chashma lagana hi kafi nahi,Gale mein nimbu mirchi bhi latkaya karo....
Tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to waisa hota Tum is baat pe itna hasti, tum uss baat pe itna khush hoti, Tum is baat pe ye kehti,tum uss baat pe wo kahati shukar hai tum nahi ho!!!
Chand pe kali ghata to aati to hogi,Sitaaron ko muskurahat aati to hogi.Tum laakh chupao duniya se magar,Akele me tumhe apni shakal pe hansi aati to hogi....
Bhagwan ke naam pe 1 patni dede... Apni nahi toh dusre ki dede... Bhagwan tujhe 1 kay badle3 dega Anurag ki tarah Prerna kay saath Aparna aur komolika free dega
Pyar na rahe to wafa kaun karega,Dost na rahe to dosti kaun karega.Khuda salamat rakhe tumhe varna bandar ki tarah uchal-kood kaun karega.... Baithe tere khayalon mein,Kore kagaz pe likh dala tera naam...Tasvir bhi utaar dali,Aur likha yeh paigam...Zinda ya Murda pakdnewale ko 5000/- inaam...
Keep in touch with me.. Otherwise 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31& 32 your all teeth will be broken.
Twinkle-Twinkle lazy star Kitna soyega uthja yaar, up above the world so high, sun has risen in the sky, uthke jaldi pee le _chai, then call me up and say HI
Our Dosti is Like PHILIPS-Pyara Sa Bandhan & Relationshipis like FEVICOL-Majboot Jod,& Our Love is Like BADA Thums UP-Sala Khatam Hi Nahi Hota.... .....
When I was born Devil said...Oh Shit!!! Another GOD!!!..& When u were born devil said ...Oh Shit!!!!Competition...!!! ....
3 tips to break a mirror: 1. Throw stone on mirror.... 2. Take mirror and just drop it.... 3. U just go and stand before the mirror & SMILE. . . .
Fill in the blank...Im ur .....friend- a)-Cute b)-Sweet c)-Loving d)-Boy/Girl e)-Best of all Reply is a must...
Mere Mobile ka accident ho gaya hai.Dr NOKIA ne kaha hai ki bahut saare SMS chadane padege So please donate much more SMS,Its in ICU...
Do U know the fullform of COLLEGE- C-Come,O-On,L-Lets, L-Love, E-Each,G-Girl,E-Equally......Thats why boys go to college regularly....
teri mohabbat ki roshni se dil to kya ghar bhi bhar aata hai.... Sochta hoo bijli katwa doo,kambhakt bill bahut aata hai....
If any beautiful girl calls u BHAI ...!!!Then ..dont take tension..bcoz full form of BHAI is BEST HUSBAND AMONG just go ahead....
Count many star on the screen.... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ....Are Mamu subah ho gayi..Aaaila ab din mein bhi taare gin ne lage....Good Morning...
Tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to waisa hota Tum is baat pe itna hasti, tum uss baat pe itna khush hoti, Tum is baat pe ye kehti,tum uss baat pe wo kahati shukar hai tum nahi ho!!!
Manzil ki taraf badhte chalo jo dil kahe vo rah chuno. Piche walo ko age nahi jane do & jo age hai use b age niklo. Tabhi acche DRIVER BANOGE.
Jab tum aaine ke pass aate ho,to aaina kehta hai,”Beautiful Beautiful.”jab tum door jate ho to aaina kehta hai Aprilfool Aprilfool!!
Who said english is easy???Fill in the blank with YES or No... 1.-----I dont have brain... 2.-----I dont have sence... 3.-----I am stupid....
Take a bowl...fill it with grapes,Put ur hand in it..Go in front of the mirror... U know what ull find???Langur ke haath mein angoor...
12 Sardar 12 Car mein,12 baj ke 12 min 12 sec pe 12vi gali mein 12ve cinema hall mein kaunsi film dekhne gaye?Yeh waqt hamara hai....
Maine Kaha Dil-Ruba- Usne kaha Paise Dikha. Maine Kaha-Paise Nahi Usne kaha Aise Nahi Maine Kaha Mehangayi Hai.. Usne Kaha-Ja Tu mera Bhai Hai....
Macchar ne jo kata... dil main mere junoon tha. Khujli hui itni... dil be sukoon tha. Pakada to chod diya yeh soch kar ki.... sale ki ragon main apna hi khoon tha

Rose,Lotus,Tulips,Sunflower all flowers are nice and sweet but they have no comparison with U bcoz Gobhi ke phool ki to baat hi alag hoti hai.....
Jaise lohe ko loha kaatta hai,zehar ko zehar kaat ta hai, Heere ko keera kaat ta hai,Waise hiee ek din tumko kutta katega....
Aapke hi charche har gali mein hain,Har ladki ke dil mein aapke liye pyar hai.Ye koi chamtkar nahi,Time hi aisa hai...kyonki kuch hi dino me RAKHI ka tyohaar hai...
Khuda kare tujhe har jagah se satkar mile,Mujh se bhi acche yaar milen. Rakhi ko teri girlfriend tujhe rakhi bandhe,Aur tujhe zindagi bhar us se behan ka pyar mile...
Majnu ko Laila ka SMS nahi aaya usne 3 din se khana nahi khaya. Woh marne wala hai Laila ke pyar mein,Aur Laila baithi hai SMS free hone ke intezar mein.
Life is difficult,Full of trials,Pain & Sorrow.But if U fall down,Just stand up straight Be confident & ask...abbe dhakka kisne maara be....
If ur world is spining Round & Round..& Round....Ur heart is beating fast ,do u think its LOVE? na Munna na its called high B/P...
Ek aap ho ki sharmate bahut ho,Ek aap ho kii itrate bhi bahut ho.Dil to karta hai ki aapko Dinner pe ley javein,Kambakht ek aap ho ki khaate bhi bahut ho
A begger came to me as:- Allah! ke naam pe kuch de de baba.I replied :- Mere paas paise nahi nahi hai,Yeh msg padnewale ko le ja.Begger:- Maine bheek maangi thi bhikhai nahi...
Mujh mein aur George Bush mein kya similarity hai? Nahi pata?So simple Woh mere ghar nahi aata,Main uske ghar nahi jaata.Attitude problem u see...
Ramlila se hanuman tha farar,role k liya fit kia 1 sardar. jo tha bahut hi kamal,ped se chalang mar ka bola jobole Sonihal , sita maiya SASRIAKAL
larste huai haaton see usne meri kaliyon ko u chuwa !,mano uski har saas keh rahi hoo bhai saahab time kya hua
Last night I dreamt that I was walking with GOD & I told him that I have a friend Like U ...he smiled & said,Beta! Yeh sab Pichle Janam Ke paap hain.
woo bhi kia din thye jab lagtey thye hasino kae gallye, ye baat tub ki ha jab hum thye doo baras kae..
Pyar na rahe to wafa kaun karega,Dost na rahe to dosti kaun karega.Khuda salamat rakhe tumhe varna bandar ki tarah uchal-kood kaun karega....
Yaad hai wo pal jab hum pehli baar mile they...Train ruki khidki khuli...Nazron se nazrein mili aur aap ne kaha Allah ke naam pe kuch de de baba....
Khat likh raha hoon khoon se, Siahi mat sanajhna. Khat likh raha hoon khoon se, Siahi mat samajhna. Kisi mariz ka SAMPLE liya tha Mera mat samajhna.
Safar lamba hai dost banate rahiye ,Dil mile na mile haath badate rahiye.Taj na banaiye costly padega Har taraf Mumtaj banate rahiye...
har khushi koe teri taraf moor doon.tery leye chand tarey tak toor doon.khushiyun k darwazeytery ley khol doon..itna kafi hai ya doe char or jhoot bole doon
Muskurajat tumhi se milit hai, dard ki rahat tumhi se milti hai, roothna kabhi mat humse ye jaanam, humhe jene ki chahat tumhi se milti hai
Sitaron ke aage bhi koi jahan hoga, jo na dekha kabhi wo sama hoga, uus jahan ke sare hasin nazaro ki kasam, aap sa kamina dost dusra kanha hoga..
Jab jab ghire badal teri yaad ayi, jhom ke barsa sawan teri yaad ayi, bhiga main phir bhee teri yaad ayi, ab nahin raha jata, CHATRI LAUTA DE BHAI...
Janaza agar unke dar se guzre to thodi der rukwa dena,
Hath uthe agar dua k liye to Chehre se kafan hata dena,
Vajah puche maut ki to VAT ka tension bata dena :-)
Ghunghat nein tujhe dekha to deewana hua.Sangeet ka
tarana hua,Shamaa ka parwana hua,Masti ka Mastana hua,Jaise hi ghunghat uthaya is duniya se ravaana hua...
Jawani ke din chamkile ho gaye
husn ke tewar nukile ho gaye
hum izhar karne me thode dhile ho gaye
Darde dil me gam ki kaliya khilti hai,
Ab to tanhai aaksar hamse milti hai,
Aapne band kiya jabse SMS karna,
MOBILE ki battery jyada chalti hai!
Industrian sari mere yaar kha gaye
Meri Sari jaydaaad rishtedar kha gaye
Marne Ke baad bhi unho ne ki meri saath cheating
banaye mazar to minaar kha gaye
Jisko dil diya woh Dilli chali gayi,
Jisko pyar kiya woh Paris chali gayi,
Dil ne kaha khudkhushi kar le,
Plug mein ungli daali to bijli chali gayi.
Khat likh raha hoon khoon se,
Siahi mat sanajhna.
Khat likh raha hoon khoon se,
Siahi mat samajhna.
Kisi mariz ka SAMPLE liya tha
Mera mat samajhna.
Botal chhupa do kafan mein, kabar mein piya karunga,
jab mangega hisab khuda to peg bana ke diya karunga
tusi bade hi great ho mantri ka hat ho ,kirno ki tarah bright ho ,rasgule ki plate ho jo bhi ho mere favourite ho
Ek ladki thi dewani si. Mob lekar chalti thi, nazre jhukake, mob mein kuch karti thi. Jab bhi milti thi mujhse, yehi pucha karti thi... Ye chalu kaise hota hai?
Gul gaye gulshan gaye, gul ke patte rah gaye, saare shayar mar gaye padhne wale rah gaye
Din mein diya jalane se kya,
Raat mein diya bujhane se kya,
e shahjahan tujhe mumtaz nahi mil sakti,
Kabr par taj mahal banane se kya.
Khud ko kar buland itna ki HIMALAYA ki choti pe ja pahunche,
Khud ko kar buland itna ki HIMALAYA ki choti pe ja pahunche,
khud khuda bhi bande se puchhe...
"Abe gadhe ab utrega kese". (From: Sayyed Azeem)
Chand par kaali ghata chati to hogi, sitaron ko muskurahat aati to hogi, tum lakh chupao duniya se , magar akele mein tumhe apni shakal par hansi aati to hogi.
(From: Anupam Tewari)
tum aa gaye ho , noor aa gaya hai chalo teeno movie chalen
jee chahata hei kee tere nazuk honthon ko choom lu jee chahata hei kee tere nazuk honthon ko choom lu. magar teri bahti hui naak ne iraada badal diya
Maine tujhe sau-sau khat likhe,tune kisi kabhijawabnahi diya;kahintere dil mein raddi ki tokri to nahi?
Woh chham chham karke aayee Aur chham chham karke chalee gayee Main sindoor ka dibba lekar khada raha Woh Rakhee bandh ke chalee gayee.
Jee karta hai ki teri nili nili aankhon main dub jaoon Jee karta hai ki teree nili nili aankhon main dub jaoon Splash !
Yeh aankhen hai ya neeli jheel? Yeh aankhen hai ya neeli jheel? So? What's the big deal?
Gum woh cheez hai. Gum woh cheez hai. Jisse kagaz chipkaye jaate hai.
Humne bhi pyar kiya tha jindgi main, badi joshh ke sath ! Humne bhi pyar kiya tha jindgi main, badi shhor ke sath ! ab hum pyar karenge badi soch ke sath Kyon ki use kal shamko dekha kisi aur ke sath !
lal diwar par chune se likha tha ghalib ne lal diwar par chune se likha tha ghalib ne yahan likhana mana hai.
woh sadak ke is paar thi hum sadak ke us par the kuch hum aage badhe, kuch voh aage badhi hum kuch aur aage badhe, voh bhi kuch aur aage badhi hum kuch aur aage badhe, voh bhi kuch aur aage badhi ab hum sadak ke us par the, aur voh sadak ke is par thi
Main hu yahan, tu hai wahan Main hu yahan, tu hai wahan Lifeboy hai jahan, tandurusti hai wahan wah! wah! wah! wah!
Bakari chadhi pahad par , pani peene ko Bakari chadhi pahad par , pani peene ko pani mila nahin, bakari neeche ootar aayee wah! wah! wah! wah!
Maine tujhse pyar kiya, tere baap ne muzhe pita Maine tujhse pyar kiya, tere baap ne muzhe pita Sin theta by cos theta is equal to tan theta wah! wah! wah! wah!
kaaash ke tere chehre par Chickenpox ke daag hote. kaaash ke tere chehre par chickenpox ke daag hote. chand to tu hai hi sitaare bhee saaath hote !!!
ladka bola : kash ein hasinao ke baap mar jate, bahana gam ka hota, hum inke ghar to jaate. Ladki boli: Bewkoof, Yeh sochana bhi paap hoga, kisi din tu bhi kisi hasina ka baap hoga. Irshaad! Irshaad!
Ladki boli: Chandni chaand se hoti hai, sitaron se nahi, Mohabbat ek se hoti hai, hazaaron se nahi. Ladka bola : Chandni agar chaand se hogi to sitaron ka kya hoga, Mohabbat agar ek se hogi to hazaron ka kya hoga. Irshaad! Irshaad!
Bewafa sanam se to cigrattee achi hai, Bewafa sanam se to cigrattee achi hai, Dil jalati hai, par hoto se to lagti hai
This is the Very special. Before Marriage Takdir hai magar kismat nahi khulti tajmahal banana chahata hoon lekin mumtaz nahi milti
After Marriage takdir hai magar kismat nahi khulti tajmahal banana chahata hoon lekin mumtaz nahi marti. Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Talia...... Talia.... Irshaad!!!
Apple Kat ta hoon knife se, Paani peeta hoon pipe se, Kya zamana aaa gaya, Joote khata hoon wife se.
Maine tumhare yadon mein ro ro ke tub bhar diya Magar tum itne bewafa nikle, ki naha ke chal diye
Use karte hein make-up ka daba roze kiyun? Ban sanwar kar nikalte hain chailaa roze kiyun? Mummy tum to kehti thee Eid to kab kee gaye Phir Parosan se gale miltay hain Papa roze kiyun?
Kamaata nahin hun itni ke tujhe roze khilaoon Aaati hai to aaa ja, ya kisi aur ko pataooon
Gul gaya, Gulshan gaya, Gaye honthon ki laaali Ab to peeecha chor de, main ho gaye bachchon waali
Chandni raat thi, main so rahi thi Phir kisi ne darwaza khutkhataya Maine soncha mera dil aaya Darwaza khol ker dekha to bijli ka bill aaaya
Maine tujhe dekha Dekhta raha, Dekhta hi gaya Phir mujhe chashma lag gaya
Patharr kyun marte ho, pura pahaar maar do Hum yuheeen mar jayenge, sirf ek baar aankh maar do 30)Yeh tera chehra hai, yaa kele ka chhilka Jo dekha to, dil phisal gaya
Katchi Kali Katchnar Ki, Katcha Na Samjhna Lar Jaoonga Tere Baap Se Batcha Na Samajhna
Khud ko kar buland itnaa.. Ke' Himaalay ki choti pe jaa pahunche.. Aur khuda tumse puche.. 'Abe gadhe... ab utrega kaise '
Bolaa dukaan-daar, ke kyaa chahiye tumhain Jo bhii kaho ge merii dukaan per wo paoge maine kahaa ke kutte ke khaane kaa cake hai bolaa yahiin pe khaaoge yaa leke jaaoge
Industrian sari mere yaar khaa gaye Meri Sari jaydaaad rishtedar khaa gaye Marne Ke baad bhi unho ne ki meri saath cheating banaye mazar to minaar kha gaye
(you will enjoy this one if you remember the "Soldier" movie's title song) Soldier Soldier.....pressure cooker khol kar Sabzi meri uraa le gaya
Kutta ban gaya hoon tere pyaar main yakeen nahin aata to suno...Bhow..bhow
Dil Logi, Ke Jaan Logi Meri Jaan Set Hone main Kitna Time Logi
Yusuf ka husn, Zulekha ka ghumaar dekha hai Kuch is tarah se Haseenon ka pyaar dekha hai Unhe khilane pilaane main hui hai yeh haalat Kasm khuda ki..Cinema bhi udhaar dekha hai
Tairna Hai To Paani Main Aao, Kinare Pe Kya Rakha Hai Ishq Karna Hai To Bahar aa, Ishare main Kya Rakha Hai (another version)
Terna hai to beach me aao, Kinaro pe kya rakha hai, Pyaar karna hai to bahon me aao, isharo me kya rakha hai.
Janaza Mera Nikla, Duniya Dekh Ne Nikli Magar Woh Zalim Na Nikli, Jiske Liye Mera Janaza Nikla
Maine tujhe pyar kiya, Saraswati samajh kar Tere Baap ne mujhe pita, Agarbatti samajh kar
Teri Beauty Ne Mujko Appeal Kiya, Dusri Ko Reject Kiya, Aur Tisri Ko Select Kiya.
Yeh zulfain hain tumhari, ya resham ke jaal, Kitne khush-naseeb hain vo choohe Jin hon ne kutre tere baaal
Woh jab chalti hai to raahon main 100-100 ke note bichata hoon Woh chaali jati hai tab uthaa leta hoon
Dil hai tera dariyaa....Aankhen hain teri Jheel So my darling ... What's The Big-Deal ??
Sheeshi bhari gulab ki, phatthar se phor doon Pant wali mil jaye, to ghanghre wali ko chor doon
Teri julf kya hai raat ka saaya hai Sar muda deeya to sawera ho jayega.
Tere ishk me janam kya se kya haal ho gaya Badan se badboo aa rahee hai, nahay jamana ho gaya.
Chaand ki raton mei sara jahaan sota hai, Lekin teri yaadon mei koi badnasib rota hai.
Phool Khilte Hain, Khil Kar bikhar jate Hain, Phool Khilte Hain, Khil Kar bikhar jate Hain, Yaade to dil me rehti hai, Dost mil kar bichad Jate Hain!
Aasman se gira ek chaand ka tukda, Usse bhi sundar aapka mukhra.
Na jina mila na marna mila, Mila to teri yaad me tarapna mila.
Dil Diya to, jaan bhi de dena, Magar yeh yaad rakhna, Kisiko dhoka mat dena.
Khile hai gul yaha, khilke bikherne ko, Milte hai dil yaha, milke bicharne ko.
Dilme yaado ki tarha, aankhon me aansu ki tarha, Tum mere paas ho, phoolo me khushbu ki tarha.
Khuda kisiko kisiki Muhabbat pe fida na kare, Agar kare to zindagi bhar judaa na kare.
Apnon ne maara hai humko Gairon mein kahan tha dum Kashti bhi apni to doohi paani jahan tha kam.
Na teer, na talvaar se ghayal hue hum... Teri sirf ik nazaar se, ilzaam, Shaayar hue hum... Huwi hum se ye nadani, kay teri mehfil mein aah bethay. Ho kay zameen ki khakh, aasman se dil laga bethay.
Chupa chupake raat din aansu bahaana yaad hai, Humko ab tak, Aashiqui ka, Wo Zamaanaa yaad hai.
Jinki yaad hai dil me nishaani ki tarah Woh to bhool gaye hume kahani ki tarah.
Humne kitni koshish ki unhe manane ki, Na Jaana Kaha se seekh li unhone Yeh Ada Zidd par add jaane ki.
Shaam Hote Hi Chiragon Ko Bujha Deta Hoon Yeh Dil Hi Kaafi Hai Teri Yaad Main Jalne Ke Liye
Yeh Teri Bhi Aankhon Ka Qusur Hai Main Tanha Gunahgar To Nahi
In Hi Patharon Pe Chal Ke, Aaa Sako To Aao Hamaare Ghar Ke Raste Koi Kahkashan Nahi
Kafas Udas Hai yaaro, Subah Se Kuch To Kaho Kahin To Behr-E-Khuda Aaaj Zikr-E-Yaar Chale
Jo Saaz Se Nikli Hai, Woh Sada Sab Ne Suni Hai Jo Saaz Pe Guzri Hai, Woh Kis Dil Ko Khabar Hai
Aaa Sikander-E-Hunar Aaazmayain Tu Teer Aaazmaaa, Hum Jigar Aaazmayain
Satchaye Chup Nahi Sakti, Banawti Usulon Se Khushbu Aa Nahi Sakti, Kagaz Ke Phoolon Se
Tu Is Tarah Se Mere Dil Main Shamil Hai Jahan Bhi Jaoon Lagta Hai Teri Mahfil Hai
In Main Moti Hai Ke Pathar, Kise Khabar Dil To Samundaron Se Bhi Gahra Hai Dosto
Zindagi ek phool hai aur mohabbat us ka shehed Pyar Ek Dariya Hai, Aur Mehmoob uski sarhad
Raste Main Gire Hain Phool, Uthata Hai Koi Koi Muhabbat Karte Hain Sabhi, Nibhata Hai Koi Koi
Yeh hawa ka koi jhonka nahi Teri yaadon ka ek samundar hai
Mujhe bhulna bhi chaho to bhula na sako ge Main to palkon pe thahar jaoon ga, aaansoon ki tarah
Tum badle, jahan badla, badli nazar zamane ki Yeh Aansu char baqi rah gaye, nishani dil lagane ki
Nahin lag sakta kabhi maikhane main taala Ek nahin...Saara shahar hai peene waala
Teri aur meri nazar ka na kabhi bair ho Lo raah main takra gaye, allah khair ho
Galat nahi ke zamane main lajawaab hain hum Samajh sake na koi, woh kitaab hai hum
Dhoondhta Phirta Hoon Main Logon Main Shabahat Uski Ke Woh Khwabon Main Bhi Lagti Hai Khyalon Jaisi
Ek Naam Kya Likha Tera Saahil Ki Rait Par Phir Umar Bhar Hawa Se Meri Dushmani Rahi
Tere Aazad Bande Ki, Na Yeh Duniya Na Woh Duniya Yahan Jeene Ki Pabandi, Wahan Marne Ki Pabandi
Pyar main jadoo bhi kya maza hai Lagta hai ke ek khubsurat saza hai
Tu Aatish-E-Dozakh Se Darata Hai Jin hain Woh Aag Ko Pee Jate Hain Paani Kar Ke
Tapish Suraj Ki Hoti Hai, Jalna Zameen Ko Parta Hai Qusur Aankhon Ka Hota Hai, Tarapna Dil Ko Parta Hai
Mujh Se Mut Pouch, Mere Dil Ki Kahani O Hum-Dum Is Main Kuch Parda-Nashinon Ke Bhi Naam Aate Hain
Jab Kishti Sabit Salim Thee, Sahil Ki Tamanna Kis Ko Thi Ab Aise Shikasta Kishti Main Sahil Ki Tamanna Kaun Karey

Mausam Hai Mausam, Khushbu Aapke Zulfon Ka Naam Mausam-E-Gul Hai, Aapke Baag Main Aa Jaane Ka Naam

In Udaas Muskurahaton Ke Peeche, Ghum Ke Railay Hain Ab Tumhain Kya Batayain, Ke Tum Bin Kitne Akele Hain
Mujhe Is Baaat Ka Ghum Nahi Kay Badal Gayaa Zamaana Meri Zindagi To Sirph Tum Ho, Kahin Tum Na Badal Jaana
Tasalli Ho Jayegi, Zara Itna To Bata Do Tumhe Bhi Hitchkiyan Aati hain Jab Hum Yad Karte Hain
Zaruri To Nahi, Ke Batayain Labon Se Dastaan Apni Zabaan Ek Aur Bhi Hoti Hai Izhaar Ki
Phool Khilna Chahta Hai, Kali Khilne Nahin Deti Dil Milnaa Chahtaa Hai, Kismat Milne Nahin Deti
Jo Aala Zarf Hotey Hain, Woh Sar Kham Hi Rakhtey Hain Suraahi Khud Nagoon Ho Kar Bhara Karti Hai Paimaney
Maana ke aapke nazaron main kuch nahin hain hum Magar unse jakar puchiye jin-hain hasil nahi hain hum
Manzil ko paane ke liye Saahil ko paar karna parta hai Mohabbat karne ke liye dil-o-jaan qurban karna parta hai...
Duniya bhar ki khushiyan hamare saath chali Qadam mila ke jo hamare saath aap chali...
Aadi bana kar lazzat-e-aazaar ne mujhey Gham ki khalish ko dil ki tamanna bana diya
Khuda kisi ko kis par fidaa na kare, Agar kare to Qyamat tak judaa na kare
Haath deewane ke de allah kuch aisi qalam , Aasman par likh ke jaoon hai unhi se pyaar hai
Mujh se achhe to hai.n teri rah ke pathhar sanam, Roz dikhati ho jinhe aate huye jaate huye
Huwi hum se ye nadani, kay teri mehfil mein aah bethay. Ho kay zameen ki khakh, aasman se dil laga bethay
Jinki yaad hai dil me nishaani ki tarah Woh to bhool gaye hume kahani ki tarah.
Galat nahin key zamaney mein la jawaab hain hum Samajh sakey na koi woh kitaab hain hum
Dil mein tumharey pyaar key jaltey to hain chirag Mana key in ki roshni tum par ayaan nahi
Na tum bewafa ho, na hum bewafa thay Magar kya karain apni rahain juda hain
Mohabbat kar ke dekhi to, mohabbat ko pehchana hai Wafa bus naam ki hai, be-wafaai ka fasana hai
Hai kuch baat mo-min jo chaa gaye khamoshi Kis bout ko de diya dil, kyon bout se ban gaye ho
Maana ke aapke nazron main kuch nahin hain hum Magar unse jaakar poochiye .. jinhe haasil nahin hain hum
Nahin lag sakta kabhi maikhane main taala Ek nahin...Saara shahar hai peene waala
Aandhi aati hai, tufaaan chale jaate hain Yaade rah jaati hai, insaan chale jaate hain