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love means:- loss of valuable energy

Marne par hamein jannat mile na mile,
SMS karne ke kasar mat karna MERE dost,
maloom nahi wahan MOBILE mile na mile.
God ne tujhe bheja to bheja,
lekin behja to aisa bheja ki behje mein
bheja hi nahi bheja.
Ye mujhe kisi ne bheja, isiliye maine tujhe bheja!
Log apna banake chodd dete hai...
Rishta gairo se jodd lete hai..
Hum to eak phool bhi na todd sake..
Log to dil bhi todd dete hai!
   )      (
 _().o.()) ..ohh!
I fell down from d Bed, trying 2 reach 4 my cell.
juz 2 wish u a...
GooD Morning!
Our FRNDSHP is not like
NIKE - Just do it, not like
PEPSI - Yeh dil mange more, not like
WILLS - made 4 each other, BUT like
LIC - Zindagi k saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi!
Gateway of memories will never close,
how much I miss u no one knows,
days will pass on to years and
I will remember you in my silent tears...
Lifes so beautiful!
wen u hav a
Cute Sender ")") everyday
o",) LIKE ME
żż,,) ISN'T IT?
Dhaniya Rs. 3

Mirchi Rs. 4

Aaloo Rs. 5

Kaanda Rs 6

Tomato Rs. 10

Palak Rs. 15

ye sab to mahanga

Par SMS to sasta

Phir karte kyo
%%   %%
%%   %%  ave a

%%%%% ovely

%%   %%
%%   %%
%%%%..   ay

    %%    ake

%%%%  are

Good Morning!
For me U r as...
Chees 4 Pizza...

Passport 4 Visa...

Butter 4 Bread...

Ice 4 Freezer...

Cream 4 cake...

Water 4 Lake...

Leaf 4 tree...

a FRIEND like u is 4ever 4 me!
Sapno se dil lagane ki aadat nahi rahi,
har waqt muskarane ki aadat nahi rahi,
yeh soch ke ki koi manane nahi aayega,
ab hamein ruth jane ki aadat nahi rahi
Bas kya yahi tak tha saath hamara,
Intezar hi karte rahe hum tumhara,
Kab hogi is Kambakht mobile mein roshin
aur kab ayenga tera sms!
Soch ko badlo, sitare badal jayeng;
Najar ko badlo, najare badal jayenge;
Kashtiya badalne ki jarurat nahi, Dishao ko badlo
KINARE badal jayenge
I heard someone saying your name,
but when i turned around to see who it was,
I noticed I was alone,
then I realised it was my heart telling me that - I MISS U
Notice ur phone got heavier with this message? it contains load of love, affection and prayers to keep u happy n safe. have a nice sleep. Good nite!
favor plz.
  "(--)" Wow ur so photogenic

Duniya mein teen hi cheez ek dam popular hai...

 ( ",)

 (,")/" apun ka
  <)" ishtyle...&
  ./ >

 (",)/" APUN ka
  ./)" SMS kya!
A friend gives hope when life is low,
A friend is a place you've no where to go,
A friend is Honest, friend is True,
A friend is Precious a friend is You!
Aapke life mein mithas ho cadbury jaise,
ronak ho nerolac paint jaise,
mehak ho Axe jaise,
tazgi ho colgate jaise,
aur tenssion free rahe huggies jaise
our FRIENDSHIP is a blank cheque for ME
It"s an ASSET not a LIABLITY
always a CREDITnot DEBIT
always a PROFIT not a LOSS
Plants are green and earth is blue,
why ur so nice to me i want a clue,
whatever may be the reason like u,
b'coz in world like this i will never,
get a friend like you
Mausam ki bahar acchi ho
phoolo ki kaliya kacchi ho
hamari ye dosti sacchi ho
RAB bas ek dua hai meri dost ki har subah acchi ho!
Good Morning!
() ".' ()
(  (X))
(_3#_) will I ever forget u?

() _'_"()
((X)    )
(_3#_ )

(   (X))

((x)    )

( ( x) )
(_3#_) Na ji na
You will always IMPRESS people because you have... TALENT,
If that isn't enough....
Tell them Ur "MY" Friend
No Shadows 2 Dipress U
Only Joys 2 Surround U
Many Frnz 2 Luv U
God Himself 2 Bless U
These r my Wishes 4 U
4 2day 2morow & Everyday!
Gud Morng! Have a nice day!!
People like Ur found only once in lifetime so u better take care of ur self coz i don't want 2 wastw another lifetime 2 find a sweet friend like u.
Ok Even if I don't see you...
even if we hav...
L talks
E Hellos
S Stories
S Greetings
always remember dat my friendship will never b LESS 4 YOU
Koi gila shikava na rahe aapse,
arzoo hai ke ek silsila rahe aapse.
Bas is baat ki ummeede hai aapse,
Khafa na hona, agar koi khata ho hamse.
Im sorry but i dont wanna talk to you anymore.... good bye 4 ever
Mr Dr says i should avoid SWEET stuff...
and YOU are right at the top of the sweet list
1 Advice-Take care,
1 Request-Don't change,
1 Wish Don't forget me,
1 Lie-I Hate You,
1 Truth-I Miss U,
1 Hope-We will always be Good Friends
Reh reh kar aapki yaad aati hai,
SMS na aane ki wajah satati hai,
Soch raha hu jarur koi gam hai,
ya phir Airtel ne charge shuru kar diya uska gam hai...
   ;,'.'.',;  You know?
   (  = )   I miss you
    > <

Sit Beside me ok?

Now Im happy!
   ;,'.'.',; <)". ."<)
   (  _ )   (  (..)  )
Meri Yaad aaye 2 yaad karo,
jyada yaad aaye 2 MSG karo,
aur jyada aaye 2 FONE karo,
aur b jyada aaye 2 MILO,
usse b jyada aaye 2
plz jhoot bolna band karo...
There is no special occasion today,
no reason to text,
no news to share,
and no problems to air.

It's just one of those times I wish to say
"DREAMS visit us when we are asleep" but
GOD is truly wise, He wakes us up each day
and gives us every chance to make our
DREAMS come true!

Good Morning!
Hum bigadte hai to bhuchal aa jata hai,
Hum machalte hai to toofan machal jata hai,
humko na karo koshish badalne ki, hum badalte hai to
Ishwar karte Hardin...
Aapki khushiyan..
PETROL ke BHAV ki tarah badhe...

Aur gham
BIPASHA ke KAPDON ke tarah kamm ho!

Have a nice day...
If I get ur SMILE, I dont need FLOWERS,
If I get ur VOICE, I dont need MUSIC,
If u speak to me, I dont need anybody else,
U just b my FRIEND, I dont need the WORLD!
Friendship is a little more trust, a little less try,
a little more laugh, a little less cry,
a little more luv, a little less fight
a little more WE & a little less I
I may not be the
"Perfect Friend"

That U R
looking for...

not even
the "BEST"
among them all...

But surely
I'm a friend
who always care for...
Hum tere dil me rahenge SMS bankar,
Tere dil pe khilenge ringtone bankar,
kabhi aapne dil se juda na samajhna,
Hum Tere dil ke saath chalenge Roaming Network bankar!
Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love,
bcos sun rises in east and sets in west but
friendship rises in HEART and sets after DEATH
Have a "Heart" that never Break$,
Have a "Smile" that never Fades,
Have a touch that never Hurt$,
Have a "Friendship" that never Ends
Like Ours!
True f'ship never fades with time :-)
becomes more tasteful like old WINE ::))
only a friend can understand words and
convert the rolling tears into a smile!
I hide my tears when I say your Name,
But the Pain in My Heart is still the same,
Although I smile and seem Carefree,
Theres No one who Misses you more Than Me...
SOMETIMES we mUst be
in order

in order

in order

wE havE
to be
so we can be
WHOLE again!
SavE a spacE FOr ME
in Ur
& not in Ur Mind.

The mindeasily forgEts,
But the hEart

Like now,
i remEmbEr U

& that"s
from MY HEART.
    . + .' + ) .+
  + __ = + ' +
   / ___^   .;';';,
 ,,|__0_I I,,,)(,,,
Night finally arrived!
so b4 u sleep, i'd like 2 wish u...
    (,") Good Nite!

Mobiles R irritating
rings every now & then,
recharging battery,
messages get delayed
but one thing i luv abt it,
it connects ME & U

Care is one the main ingredient dat keeps closenes alive despite distance and schedule. Since I cant always see you,
let my care be with you 4ever.
Each time MY name appears on UR Phone U smile like

  __? . . ?__

SmS dosnt mean "SHORT msgin SERVICE"
It also means
Share My Sweetness
Search My Soul
Seek My Sweetheart
Succeed My Smarty
See ME Smilin

One day u"ll ask me what's more important to me,
I"say MY LIFE & U will walk away not even knowing that
Friends like U r my life!
This is a smart test, try 2 solve wat it means:
R + CAT + SHOE - RAT + SUN - CHOSE + MOON + I 0 NOON + GOAL + T - GOAT - U +E!
SMS me the answer, Think Hard!
If u care 4 me, I Care 4 u.
U miss me, I miss U,
U like me, I like U,
U msg me, I msg U,
U forget me, I"m sorry this wher I'M different from u?
Ur only mine wen i dream.wen i wake i wanna scream.ur not mine im all alone.i can only text u on my dreams lie or r dey true-i hope so cos babes i want u!
If dreams werent dreams & dreams came true i woodnt b here id b wiv u.Distance is 1 thing dat keeps us apart.But ull always remain in my heart!
Y do we close our eyes wen we sleep- wen we dream, wen we kiss?dis is becoz the most precious thing in the world is unseen.Wen i close my eyes i c u!
Dream a dream 2nite as u a smile 2morrow that u may keep.may all of ur dreams and wishes come true cause i could`nt find a better friend like u!
"In ur darkest hour wen ur fed up & blue.just remember this I'll always be there 4 u.Im no angel N cant change ur fate.but I'll do anything 4 u coz ur my m8."
ur a mate wiv a heart of much u mean to me can never be told.ur sum1 2b talked bout so sweet and true.1 in a million dats u
There is a gift that gold cannot buy a blessing dats rare & true.dats d gift of a wonderful friend like d friend dat i have in u!
Sum1 sum where dreamz of ur smiles & whilst thinking of u says life is wen ur lonely remember its true.that sum1 sum where is thinking of u.
like a fallen star u fel into my life.u made me smile wen thingz werent rite..if hugz were water id send u the c.n sail away 4eva jus u n me.
R we friends or r we not.U told me once but i 4got.of all d m8s ive eva met ur d 1 i wont 4get.& if i die b4 u do i will go 2 heaven & wait 4 u!
God in heaven God above please protect the friend i love.Sent wiv a smile:-) sealed with a kiss.i love my friend whos reading this xx
A very special m8 of my heart all da c u wiv a happy smile makes my life feel worthwhile.warm & carin ur feelins glad i av a m8 like u!
Life can be hard & not always fun.But as night brings dark mornin brings sun.Wen life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care.Give me a call coz I'll always b there!
Tiny starz shinin bright its time 4 me 2 say close ur eyes & snuggle up tight im wishin u sweet dreams 2nite!
Uve touched my heart uve touched my soul.bcos of u I now feel whole.U'll always b my closest friend.u'll b in my heart 2 the very end.
Dreams r2b 4goten reality to b lived.desires 2b fulfilled & destiny 2b reached.where it began.where will it end.friends from da start.friends til da end!
i cant txt u roses or fax u my email u kisses but wed stil b apart.i luv u 2 pieces n just wish ud c dat i care 4 u so much coz u mean da world 2 me.
Many ppl will wlk in and out of ur life.but only tru friends will leave foot prints in ur heart. . . . .u left urs in mine -x-
The recipe of friendship:
1 cup of sharing.
2 cups of caring.
3 cups of forgiveness & hugs.

Mix all of these together to make friends 4ever.
A friend gives hope wen life is low.A friend is a place where you can go.A friend is honest- A friend is true.A friend is precious.A friend is u!
Wantin u is easy missin u is hard.Wishin u was wiv me wrapped up in my arms.Constantly think of u wen we r apart.Ive got the padlock u hav the key to my heart
I opened my purse and found it empty.i reached in 2 my pocket and found a few coins then i searched my heart and found u!dats wen i realised how rich i am
uv been called b4 cupids court 4 stealin my heart.trespassin in my dreams & robin me of my senses.uv been sentened 2 a lifetime wiv me- how do u plead?
1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
1st time i kiss u i was scared to luv u.but now dat i luv u im scared 2 lose u!
To live dis life i need a have a heartbeat i need a have heart i need have happiness i need u!
Friendship is like rose, looking at it easy but reaching at it is full of obstacles.
One day u'll ask me: "whats more important to u- me or ur life?" ill say "my life" and u'll go and leave without even knowing that u are my life.
I__I/ this is
a gift for u

want to see what's inside?

("*") My Heart


my care (",)

hope the friendship we share last forever...
I   .-""-.     I
I     ('.' )     I
Standing by
my window

Waiting 4 ur

If u dont sms,
i will jump

& I mean it
t n
h s


h s
t an

...for being one of my life's
sweetest    (' ',)
friend...   ( )**( )
(Pramod Borse, Nashik)
Dil ke gumo ko kahna sher hai koi baat nahi,
DIl se chaho kisi ko koi baat nahin,
Arey taqleef to tab hoti hai,
jab koi unhe sun kar jab koi wah wah karta hai!
Haal-e-dil kuch is tarah hamara hai,
yaad tumhe din me 100 bar kiya karte hai,
jab na aaye kabhi sms tumhara,
purana sms hi padh liya karte hai...
Someone never forgets you...
and that is... (put first letter of your name)
| V | ___|
Good Morning! Have a nice day!
Wo mile humko kahan bankar,
Dil me rahe pyar ki nishani bankar,
Hum jinhe jagah dete hai ankho ke andar,
Wo aksar nikal jate hai paani bankar.
Dil me hamesha ek SHOR ho raha hai,
bin sms BOR ho raha he,
kahi aisa to nahi ke ek pyara sa DOST
mujhse DOOR ho raha hai..
Dosti hoti hai diley raaz batane k liye,
hum apni hasi mitade aapko hasane k liye,
milne ki to aapko fursat nahi,
to hum sms karte hai aapni yaad dilane ke LIYE.
Sms ka sangrah karke kya payenga baccha?
Balance ki maya chhod, sms bhej.
Mitro se sampark banaye rakhne me swarg ki prapti ka sukh hai vats,
moh tyag. sms bhej
Kaise ho? Maze me?
tabiyat kaisi? baki anand mangal?
ungli me dard nahi na? ankh bhi ok?
dimag thikane?
kaamal he yar fir to SMS kar sakte ho!
Din mein deep jalane se kya hoga,
raah mein aag lagane se kya hoga,
jinhe hamari yaad bhi nahi aati unhe sms karne se kya hoga..
Pyar karo par dokha mat dena...
kisi ko ansuoon ka tohfa mat dena...
dil se kose koi tumhe zindagi bhar..
aisa kisi ko mauka mat dena..
always draw a circle around the ones you love, never draw a heart because hearts can be broken, but circles are never ending.
Dua karte hai ham sar jhukaye,
ae dost aap apni manjil ko paye,
Agar kabhi teri raho mein andhera aaye,
to roshni ke lyie khuda hamko jalaye..
Happy Friendship!