Sea-Shores ( Beach ) Alibaug and Murud

v   Alibag / Alibaug Beach: 

    The Alibag beach is just one kilometer away from state transport bus station and PNP, Ajanta Launch service offices. It is spread over 3 to 4 kms to the west. From the state transport bus station, the road winds towards the beach through important land marks like the market, Civil Hospital, Zilla Parishad Building, Post Office, town library etc. The moment you reach the beach, you have the sight of the famous Kolaba Fort. The beachfront has all sorts of eatables like Bhel puri, patties, ice cream, tender coconut etc. You can walk on the smooth sand and can also have a ride on a Horse cart, it turns out to be a romantic ride for kids and the elderly alike. You can build castles, play cricket, walk through the waves touching the shore, have a swim when its high tide and walk through to the fort when its low ebb. The beach is reasonably clean, free from noise and air pollution, which make it a favorite tourist site.

    The major attractions of the beach are Fresh air, Sandy beach, sight of the Kulaba Fort, Cypress and Coconut trees.  You can enjoy Coconut water, Ice-cream, Bhel-puri,  Vada-pav which is special dish of Alibag. Pollution free atmosphere is specialty of Alibag. The beach resort where you can enjoy a vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, Chinese and Indian

    Even most tourist are often visit  to Alibag beach but there is no pollution, this reason the beach is famous as good tourist spot in Alibag. The best season to visit it is from October to May.

v   Varsoli Beach:

   Varsoli beach is just 2 Km from Alibag S.T. stand. You can go to this beach by Mahesh Cinema theater. Major attractions are fresh air, pollution free atmosphere, gardens of cypress, coconut and palm trees. The number one attraction of Varsoli is total peace and quiet.  You can simply relax. Visit the beach at once.

   It is situated just on the outskirts of Alibag. It is relatively less visited site and as a result is a quiet beach with sparkling white sand and cleaner seawater. Varsoli is a small satellite village across Alibag, complete with thick vegetation of coconut and Casuarina.

v   Kihim Beach:

     Kihim beach is around 12 km from S.T. Depot. It is symbol of natural beauty.  Get down at Chondhi-Kihim Phata on Alibag-Rewas road. The road of Kihim beach is goes from Kihim gaon which is at west from Chondhi Phata.  Major attractions are fresh air, pollution free atmosphere, gardens of cypress, coconut and palm trees. The natural seen are major attractions for photography.clean sea water and thick vegetation all along the shore make it a loved retreat. In the laid back, quiet village. You can enjoy Indian cuisine in Kihim goan. You can stay in Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC)'s resort.  In any time or any season you can visit this beach.

v   Awas Beach:

     Awas Beach is a nice beach, attached to 'Kihim Beach' (2 kms. away) on left & 'Mandwa Beach' (8 kms. away) on right. It means it is a 10 kms. Belt of Beaches. In Awas famous Place is Nagoba Mandir, ( there are big festival 15 days after Diwali)

v   Saswane Beach:

    Saswane beach is approximately 20 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot.  Get down at Aawas phata which is generally 14 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot on Alibag-Rewas road. Aawas gaon is about 6 Km away from Awas phata. The number one attraction of Saswane is total peace and quiet.  You can simply relax. Visit the beach at once. Another attraction is the bunglow of famous sculptor Late Mr. Karmarkar, where his exquisite originals are on display.

v   Mandawa Port:   

     The beach is approximately 19 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot. On Alibag-Rewas road get down at Mandawa phata.  The beach is also known as "Picnic Point".  Bungalows and Farmhouse of rich popular people are attraction of the beach.  The most popular Hindi Cinemas shots are taken on the beach.The beach is popular for shooting of T. V. serials, Modeling, Cinemas. On Mandawa jetty strands Katmaran, Maldar Katmaran, Ajantha Katmaran and also Launch of Ajantha Launch service, Alsiddik Motor Launch services which is coming from Mumbai.

v   Rewas Port : 

     Rewas jetty is around 23 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot.  It is important and popular for Mumbai Launch service. The tourist of Mumbai ( Bhaucha Dhakka) and Uran always travels from this way by launch and tar services. You can look Uran beach, fisher ships, Bungalows, Buildings in Mumbai from jetty.  S.T. Depot is near from jetty (Dhakka).  Auto are also available for journey.

v   Aakshi Beach :  

     Aakshi beach is generally 5 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot on Alibag-Rewadanda road.  Major attractions are pollution free, clean and quite atmosphere and cypress grove  You can see Alibag beach and Kulaba fort from Aakshi beach.

Akshi is a ever green village.  Full of fishers.. Generally not crowded.One can travel by Alibag-Revdanda bus, eight sitter auto rickshaw or private vehicles to Akhshi. It takes approx.15 min. All houses in village are built in deep shadow of coconut, betel-nut trees.

v   Nagoan Beach:  

  Get down at Nagoan office about 7 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot on Alibag-Rewdanda way. You turn right from the Shivaji statue and reach the Saatad beach, The beach is generally 2-2 1/2 Km from this office.  The beach is also known as Satad beach.  The major attractions are cypress grove, sandy and beautiful beach.  Maharashtra Govt. develops this beach for tourist.  The best season to visit this beach is October to May. You can avail of sufficient facilities of eatables, lodging provided by the locals Visit this attractive beach.

v   Rewdanda Port:

     Rewdanda port is historical port just 17 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot. The salav bridge on creek combines Murud and Alibag taluka. You can see transports ships, scene of Vikram Ispat Company on left side and jetty of Vikram Ispat company on right hand side from Salav bridge.    S.T. stand and Auto stands are near this Rewdanda port.  The small jetty (Dhakka) behind S.T. stand in creek.  The main profession of the people is Fishery in this area.  The fisherman's ships, boats strands at this jetty for purchasing and selling fishes. Rewdanda is also known as Mini-Goa.

v   Kashid Beach:

     The famous  Kashid beach is just 32 Km from Alibag S.T. Depot. and generally 18 Km at north from Murud. The specialty of this beach is the beautiful slivery white sand. It is sandy, clean and beautiful beach.  When you visit this beach you should remember the Goa beach. Most of the foreign tourist attract of the beach.  At weekend most of the tourist enjoy sea bath on the beach. The beach is popular for shooting of T. V. serials, Modeling, Cinemas.  The major attractions are beach resorts where you can enjoy a vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

v   Murud Beach   

     Murud beach is about 1 Km from Murud S.T. Depot.  Murud beach is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The water here is clear blue and the sand is slivery white. The sunset from this beach is also fabulous. The attractions of beach are sandy beach, Arabian sea and the beach restort.  The beach is best and safety for sea bath.  The cypress grove, Rajwada of Nawab (Palace of Nawab), Buildings of Nawab's on beach attract tourist.  Visit it is any season. You can simply relax.

v   Aagardanda Jetty

     It is just 10 Km from Murud S.T. Depot and approximately 5 Km from Rajpuri.  The Launch service is available for Dighi (Shreevardhan) from the jetty.  The tourist can visit DiveAagar which is popular for Suvarn (Gold) Ganesh, Shreevardhan, Harihareshwar by Dighi. 2007-08 All Rights Reserved
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